What inspires you? Your favorite cocktail, comfort food or dessert?┬áHere’s some ideas we had based on themes we love.

thai delight

Thai flavors of ginger, coconut and chile dazzle the palate, blossoming through rich, white chocolate.

berry cheesecake

Satisfy your sweet tooth with summery strawberry and cherry mixed into luxurious white chocolate. The flecks of roasted white chocolate give a hint of cookie crumb crust.

peanut butter jelly time

This twist on a classic is perfect for a lunchtime treat. Flecks of peanut butter toffee make this milk chocolate bar utterly irresistible.

mexican hot chocolate

Mexican spiced chocolate packs a punch, with fresh-roasted crushed coffee for a crunch. You’ll love this subtle blend of chile spice with accents of cinnamon salt.

smoke house

Crack open a bottle of whiskey & light a cigar! This bold bar’s rugged flavors are the perfect pairing for a drink by the campfire.

black forest

Hansel & Gretel couldn’t resist this decadent indulgence. Cherry, toasted coconut, & candied cocoa nibs give sweetness & crunch to the dark chocolate.