over 15,000 possibilities

Choose from 30 exotic ingredients and high quality chocolates. This page has photos and descriptions for every choice available at our monthly Build-A-Bar Nights and our Build-A-Bar Online Store. Explore all that we have to offer, and check out the ideas page for some inspiration.

pick a chocolate

we start with the highest grade soy-free couverture chocolate from Fair Trade Certified cocoa beans that are sourced from around the world for their quality & sustainability


dark couverture chocolate

the deep richness of this vegan delight pairs well with sweeter items like our exotic sugars, fruits & toffees


milk chocolate

a creamier chocolate with a velvety mouthfeel that highlights spices & sea salts well


white chocolate

high in rich cocoa butter, the lack of earthiness lets herbaceous ingredients come to the front

pick three ingredients

What inspires you? Your favorite cocktail, comfort food or dessert? The only rule we have is to not combine more than one sea salt. We source organic and local ingredients wherever possible, and allĀ are vegan and gluten free unless otherwise noted.